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    I’m an avid martial arts student, anyone else on here study?



    nope. I once tried to find an instructor that could teach me Tai-chi but none in this area. I could really use it to keep my center and for added flexability now that I am handicapped. The days of hand to hand are gone for me.


    I study, and teach, Aikijujitsu.



    Nice! I’m a TKD girl myself. I also study weapons under my Master Instructor, a form called Ko Budo.



    Many, many years ago I taught Judo.



    I have three black belts in Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido. I would love to find someone close by to work out with. I used to be in executive protection but since I have been in the ministry I have gotten out of shape:-(



    Nighthawk, where are you located? Why not put those black belts to use in a ministry program? Around here there are several Christian organizations that focus on Martial Arts.



    roolu, I am in Southern AR. I have considered that however in the context as my job as the pastor of a local congregation I just don’t have time. I would love to find someone here that would make a good workout partner because I have gotten rusty and out of shape in the last few years:-)



    I thought I was rusty, but it turns out it was arthritis, LOL



    Now that’s funny, MTJOE!



    I took TKD for 6 years. Sadly, I was never able to pass my brown belt test. Suffice it to say some people were never meant to fly…lol. It was a lot of fun though. I learned alot about how to control myself…mentally and physically (despite not being able to fly). I think its made a difference in how I live my life, self-confidence, self-reliance, awareness of what’s happening around me. I only needed to actually defend myself once…and don’t even remember it!. I was asleep in a hotel room in NYC and somebody decoded my door lock and let himself in. I heard I broke his nose, asleep, in the dark…didn’t even wake up. I guess all those years of sweat, occasional pain and swelling paid off!! lol



    Chinese fast wrestling self taught this is good for folks with arthritis no high kicks extreme movement. taught myself because most of the instructors/ practitioners of martial arts I have met in my area are real egotists and that is being charitable.



    I used to practice Krav Maga but I can’t do it anymore because of some noggin problems. I can’t take any unnecessary punches because it could cause some problems with an “anomaly” docs found in an MRI.

    BUT fortunately with Krav Maga, you never forget. Once you’ve done it long enough, defending yourself against bad guys becomes second nature. 🙂



    About 15 years ago… I studied Pen Jat Silat. I agree that once you learn it well enough you don’t forget it. But I also think that being out of shape and not practicing makes you slow, which is bad when seconds count. I too have gone by way of the sweet I’m probably about as fast as a pregnant yak now….



    Oh I used to and was very lucky to find good instruction in a sea of misguided storefront sensei. My initial (and informal) instruction was with older family members like my Dad. These men were all WWII combat vets and, though I didn’t know it at the time, had learned H2H via systems influenced by Fairbairn, Sykes, and Applegate, et alii. Later I hooked up with private instruction (by invitation) in Modern Arnis via my friend and instructor RoninB4. Ronin learned MA from founder Remy Presas and his initial Chicago area instructors. Ronin was also dan ranked in several other arts. He taught me a lot, more on the history and actual functional usage of the arts.

    Later I studied a bit of Miyama Ryu Jujutsu. This was strictly combat oriented, or to put it in PC terms “self-defense” based. There were not contests nor were there any trophies and the like. If you didn’t know the dojo was there you’d walk right past it as it was just a unadorned facade.

    At about this point I “discovered” WWII combatives and it was love at first strike. This training was to be a combination of self-taught and working the tricks with Ronin, who I maintain a very close friendship until this day. There were no Combatives groups in my area and that is a problem for and combat art or system…finding a good school.

    Now I don’t want you all to think I’m attempting to make myself sound like the next Bruce Lee, far from it. I was spotty in my training and had a family to support, a trade that required 55+ hours per week, a house and two old cars all to work on in my “free” time. Additionally I went to school, trade related, two nights per week. So Chuck Norris has nothing to fear from me. As a player, I’m not Babe Ruth but as a coach I’m close to Tommy LaSorda I’d presume.

    Anyway, time and health took it’s toll and I’m not in shape anymore. I still remember what I need to and try to assist anyone I can (who I’d trust). That and where I live now there’s no one to work with…

    My advice to anyone is, if you can’t find a good instructor, get the basics where you can. Just about any “martial arts academy” can teach you the foundation i.e. falling, footwork, timing, kick and punch. Then do the research and find out what you really need to know, what really works and get a partner or group on your own and work it.

    Remember, it’s better to know a few tricks very well than to have simple knowledge of many…

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