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    The type of preparedness that the preppers all across the internet are trying to teach is practical preparedness. The tips and tricks and how to’s posted here and on other sites isn’t radical or crazy. It’s practical and useful information to help you get through a disaster, whether natural or man made, with a lot less stress. The things that we recommend along the lines of getting prepared are not a waste of money, and ultimately if a disaster never came you would just be able to use the stuff you stocked up on.

    But you don’t want to just stock up a few things for a disaster and let them sit in a closet. The idea is that you can, over time, build up a rotating stock of nearly all your preps to rotate with the things you use on a daily basis. This especially goes for things that have long shelf lives. For example batteries. Batteries have a long shelf life and they’re something that we all use on a day to day basis. Batteries can be purchased in bulk from online suppliers at half the price of batteries you can buy in the store. The batteries then can be stored and used in your electronics. You purchase enough of them to last you a year or even longer and don’t buy anymore at store prices. When the stock starts getting lower just purchase more batteries to replenish it, but make sure you use the older batteries first before getting into the new ones.

    This principle can be used for a lot of your food items and many other things that you would need in an emergency and might not be able to go out and get. This isn’t something that you’re going to be able to accomplish in a week or even a month but over time you can build up a storage of nearly everything that you use and eat. Once the principle is set into play, you can make a lot less frequent shopping trips. Only shop when things are on sale and shop online to find the best deals. Store up what you use so in the event of a disaster or emergency you can continue on with business as usual. No rushing to the store for last minute food items.

    If the disaster never comes, you haven’t lost anything. You will save money by using this method on food and other items you might need during a disaster. The ultimate goal is to be able to have almost all of your daily use things from food to hygiene products stocked up. Saving money while doing this is accomplished by buying in bulk, buying off the internet, using coupons, and buying things on sale. Just like I illustrated with the battery example, you can get batteries for cheap and never purchase them for retail in the store. This over time will save you money (granted the initial investment will be more). This is what being a prepper is all about. This will allow you to get through just about any disaster while stuck in your home.

    credits to Backwood Home

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