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    Some of you may start to notice our “Sponsor Members”
    Members like Donna: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1317
    and Nollart http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1278

    These are regular members just like you and I. The only difference is that they have a small business or product that they’d like to promote and APN would like to help them out. We are are helping by offering very affordable sponsorship rates for small businesses to participate in our “Sponsor Member” program and allowing them to be a part of our community just like everyone else.

    Why? Because I believe in small business. It’s what built America. The corporate giants have forgotten where they come from and have all bought into the Globalist system of world trade or often referred to by the tin-hatters as NWO. Yes, NWO exists, you’ve probably heard one segment of it in main stream referred to as World Trade. If you’ve ever lost a job to China, Mexico, or automation, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    I used to run a web store before. It was called American Survival Store. I shut it down. Web stores are a lot of work to run with a very very low profit margin. There’s a phenomena referred to as Market Value Destruction. Ebay, Walmart and all the other big dogs are the biggest culprits. Virtually every big company has at least one product or multiple products that they sell at a loss in order to entice people into their store. You add up all the big chain stores, sites like Ebay, and your average drop shipper, each with their own set of products that they are selling at or below margin then you’ll come to understand that anything you want to buy can be purchased below value if you look hard enough. The question should no longer be, is something over priced, but is it under-priced? because most products are. What does this do to the small businesses? It puts them out of business. Oh, the big boys will fall too, you can trust me on that. Nearly a decade ago I predicted the collapse of Wal-Mart. Trust me, it’s coming. People said the big 3 auto manufacturers would never fail, and you saw the news…Be watching for a Multi-Billion dollar bailout for the major chain stores in the coming years all due to volume pricing and market value destruction. They can’t maintain their huge stores and major expenses with a razor thin profit margin based on their volume pricing model. It’s a model that’s doomed to failure especially in this economy.

    So how do we combat such a system? It’s pretty difficult to say the least, but not impossible. You do it by bringing back the mom and pop shops. But how do you bring back mom and pop when our downtowns all across America have been devastated by the Big Chain stores of the world? You do it through our online communities.

    We will be accepting a limited number of Mom and Pop small businesses to advertise here on our forum to be our “Main Street” businesses. No one’s getting rich here. These are members just like you and I who have a skill, service, or product to offer.

    This is a forum. As members of our forum you are welcome to post links to other businesses that you’ve ordered from or great deals that you’ve found, as long as it it’s not self-promoting (spam) even if those businesses you are linking to aren’t one of our sponsors. Our sponsors understand that you may do postings to other businesses, they understand that this is a forum for discussion. You should not be afraid to have discussions of differing opinions on products etc…To be afraid to do such postings would defeat the purpose of a forum.

    However, the difference between external links to other sites and the sponsors that we have on our forum is, like I said, our sponsors are members just like you and I. Our sponsors are encouraged to interact and provide that personal human connection. They are a part of our online community, just like your local barber, you local merchant or your local TV repair man. This is your “Main Street” and we encourage you to visit the sponsors who help make this site possible.

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