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    Hey everyone .. long time no post and just wanted to extend my apologies for being so MIA lately. Between work and life it’s just been stressful as hell, but it’s all good. 🙂

    How the heck are my fellow ‘zonies — and any/all others who might pop in and read this?!

    I know our little state forum is not too active (and again, I’m sorry for not posting more often) … and next several weeks will be even crazier since we’re finally heading to Texas..! :clap:

    Bill and I are selling / donating a majority of our stuff and plan to work, travel and live in our RV for a year or 2 (as long as S doesn’t HTF, that is). It’s been quite liberating thinning down 19 years worth of crap in home, and now that Bill’s getting stronger and healthier, we want to see as much of this beautiful country as possible before we settle down on a small, personal farm.

    I’ll jump on here as often as possible and, if someone would like to take over as AZ state moderator, please feel free to PM me but I have no problem staying as mod (or co-mod) since my heart will always be in this gorgeous state. (And we plan to come visit as often as possible.)

    Drop a line below to let us know how things are going with you and thank you to all members forum wide for your continued support on this wonderful site. :ilove: j (aka itsa)

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