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    I have completed a survey of the overgrown and abandoned apple trees on my valley. Like a lot of the surrounding lands for a good mile in each direction up my rural road, I suspect that I’m living on a long-abandoned orchard. I have counted 38 apple trees. Some of these are not very accessible and would require thinning of other vegetation to get to them, but I thought I’d start with the half dozen or so apple trees within fifty yards of the house. They currently produce a huge crop of very small and very worm-infested apples. The first step is pruning, then figuring out how to take care of the worms and the small size, but I have to admit that I’m facing the paralysis of a large task. I should have taken care of all of that this spring, but instead I’m going to go another year without the apples and the cider that I’m craving.

    Has anyone else bought a property with some existing fruit trees that needed a lot of work? Any words of wisdom?

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