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    Just started my garden on my back lanai. was something I was meaning to do for some time now. Pretty stoked on it. Got some really good dirt from my fathers house which hes been composting for 20 years now. tons of worms and I got all my individual buckets. Wanted to do a gravity watering system but I have so much fun using my oversized watering can that I think it can wait. Was thinking of growing indoors with lights but in a disaster it wouldnt make sense. so old sku sunlight and good dirt here we go.

    So far i got

    Chili peppers (hawaiian)
    green onion
    grape yellow tomato
    cherry tomato

    Im going for all food and vitamin bearing plants. my gf wanted flowers but so sorry I need things to supplement my stored food. I wonder how peple get enough to be self sustaining. must be tough. I looked at aquaponics and it makes sense cause you can eat the fish. however in an apt sometimes space is limited. being 230lbs of heavy weightlifting eating machine Im not sure a salad will sustain me. However I do like the idea of fresh herbs and tomatos and veggies to go along with canned food. Love how I look holding my bright daisy watering can! hooray for veggies! :clap:

    oh ya as far as no one stealing my veggies I have been thinking of moving them indoors at night. not sure how that will work yet. worried about hungry hungry neighboors trying to hop my wall and grab my harvest.

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