Are we too old?

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    Are we too old? I’ve read quite a few articles lately and, not counting the ones on canning, it sounds like a person needs to be ‘BUFF’ in order to survive after the SHTF. Or over loaded with LOTS of skills. Neither of us are. I’m 60 (tho’ I don’t look like it or sometimes don’t act like it) and my husband is a few years younger. We both have limitations, physically, but we’ve experienced a lot ( he’s retired military and I’m a military brat) and are clear thinkers. You could say we know a little about a lot of things, some more than others. Both of us are great with all sorts of people. I’ve often been put into the position of mediator between co workers, the same with my husband. I think that is due to being honest and have the ability to keep what we’ve heard quiet, when necessary. We have been active in a reenactment group (the SCA) and have held several officer positions, I , for one, as seneschal (president of the local group) and we’re both rated archers. He’s a long time fisherman, we both have done a lot of camping and ‘doing without’ through camping and our travels. I sew and cook and can handle a few power tools – hammers and screwdrivers too. I will have to admit I’m the prepper but only recently, my husband will come around I’m sure. He just has been too busy just making ends meet. I am new to Wisconsin and though my husband is from Wis. originally, he’s only familiar with the SE corner. It would be nice to have friends to be with when things get dirty and not only because of our age. Is there any group out there who would accept us into their community? :unsure:

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