Are your Teens trained to survive Elliot Rodgers types?

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    A quick note to everybody out there, I was reading this article about Richard Martinez and Peter Rodger getting together and claiming, ‘It is now our responsibility to do everything we can to help avoid this happening to any other family.’ Now let me make this extremely clear, the pain these two fathers are going through has got to be off the scale and I do not see either man in a negative light regardless of my opinion of the 2A.

    But in reality they are taking an angle that I and many others feel is the incorrect angle of responsibility. Our responsibility should be to prepare our children on how to handle an Elliot Type situation as best we can. The only detail that is clear is that Elliot Rodgers was able to take out 3 other young men with a knife. Anyone who has had knife training (or has been in a knife fight) will tell you that there aren’t too many ways Elliot Rodgers could have taken all 3 out so effectively. Either, Elliot had some formal knife training or the other three teens had zero H2H combat training or Elliot was able to catch all 3 off guard with powerful stabs.

    I am going to go with the last 2 since I think Elliot didn’t have formal knife training (couldn’t find any proof he was trained) and having been unarmed while attacked (and stabbed multiple times) by a knife wielding assailant I have some inside perspective on that. Untrained knife attackers rely on surprise but even then it is hard to get a fatal stab on your victim every time so a trained unarmed wounded defender can in theory survive the attack (When I was attacked many years ago I was first cut on the side of my neck and then some fingers on my left hand were sliced open, fortunately at the time I was actively practicing martial arts and knew how to defend and escape even when unarmed, I was 20). I am not blowing my own bagpipe, I am pointing out that because I was prepared for something so off the wall I am alive today. Either Elliot was a well-trained knife fighter whom these 3 young men stood no chance against or they themselves were completely untrained on how to defend against a knife attack making Elliot’s lack of knife wielding skill of low relevance even if he could not get a fatal blow every time.

    How many young folk out there know how to properly defend against a knife attack? Hell how many young folk out there could survive the next Elliot Rodgers without some form of training? Something must be done but to think we can just legislate anti-Elliot Rodgers attack type laws to keep evil away in today’s political world is just unrealistic. Passing our knowledge and training to our teens on how to survive such incidents is more effective than blaming a political position for the next incident.

    I am not talking out of theory but experience. Even 20 years ago attempted murder (or attampted armed robbery with assault as the laws of the State of NJ saw it) was very much illegal with all types of awesome legal codes that were supposed to protect me, but the reality was my training and quick thinking is what saved my life.

    EDIT: I want to make it clear how my situation was and how I escaped, but don’t fool yourself you will be sliced. I found this video detailing perfectly what happened to me as I was attacked in this exact manner and I executed this move as best I could. Let me make this clear the moment I began to deploy this move my attacker tried to slice my throat open hence cutting my neck then my fingers. YOU WILL HAVE TO sacrifice some fingers for this to work but they will get stitched up later. The last part is not going to execute like the instructor demonstrates as your damaged hand will not allow you to have the control needed to finalize this move (TAKE IT FROM ME I KNOW FIRST HAND YOU CAN ONLY ESCAPE AFTER THIS MOVE IS EXECUTED). I recommend you cut the last ‘cool’ counter attack out and replace it with a shift of your weight and push off the attacker in a direction opposite to your escape route. DO NOT REPLACE ACTUAL TRAINING WITH THIS VIDEO!!!! I had practiced this move at the YMCA several times until it became part of physical memory with a Self Defense instructor walking me through it.


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