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    blue fox

    For those of you who despair of ever getting your spouse or family on board with what you to prep there is hope.
    A couple of months ago, my wife asked about the backpack in my work truck. I explained to her that it was in case I got broke down somewhere on a delivery so that I could fix a meal and be ok. I added that if SHTF I could also manage to get home with it. She said that it made sense(this from a woman who steadfastly refused to go along with my ideas for a long time) and asked if I could put something together for her car which I did.
    A couple of weeks ago she informed me that she had gone over what we had in the house and figured that we had a couple of weeks worth of meals (this included the several cases of canned veggies I had managed to convince her to buy) along with a couple of small totes of other canned goods I had built up. To make a long story short, the wife is now on board with this and has started buying food and water to store at home. She also has me rounding up food grade buckets to store stuff in and is currently shopping for a 55 gal water barrrel for the garage.

    So I say to you Do NOT give up hope on the loved ones. there is always a way to eventually help them see your way of thinking. 😀 :clap:

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