Aug 2014 Western NY Meetup – Canning Class

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    APN Western New York Branch Meeting will be @ The Firing Pin
    8240 Buffalo Road, Bergen, NY 14416 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on August 30, 2014.

    Canning as a Preparedness Skill for Everyday Lifehands on off grid/outdoor canning class geared toward frugal food preparedness. We’ll discuss how home food preservation plays a vital role in being prepared as well as the economic and health benefits. We’ll go over the different types of canning jars, secretes to scoring jars on the cheap, and tips to make home canning successful in an off grid world.

    Examples of canning pots from traditional Granny Ware to an Amish Canner.
    Discuss with examples 2 types of Pressure canners, why a Pressure Cooker is NOT a Pressure Canner.
    How to turn a basic pot into a Water Bath Canner using DIY canning rack. The must haves and ways to DIY or obtain on the cheap; funnels, tongs, jar lifters, & canning racks.
    Setting up your canning work space before you add hot water.
    How to obtain produce to can on the cheap – bartering, gleaning, foraging, gardening, flea & farmers markets.

    I promise that even if you show up never having canned a single jar of food you will leave knowing how to put food up for good times and bad.

    Besides water bath canning there will be two other hands on skill sets – fire starting with out matches & water filtration/purification from basic to a DIY cartridge style set up.

    We will be canning on my 1900 laundry stove using wood as well as a propane set up outside behind The Firing Pin. Working on also having a demonstration of a locally make Rocket Stove as well.

    Dress weather appropriate rain or shine its happening.
    Please have solid shoes no sandals since you will be canning with boiling hot water.

    Bring a sack lunch, something cold to drink, a chair, something to write with, and a hat.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone,

    ~~ pelenaka ~~

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