Augason Farms products (mistakes)

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    As early preppers, we made some mistakes when buying Augason Farms long term food cans (the #10s). I now realize that we should have focused on food with a high calorie return or on items that don’t grow well here. We were foolish and bought things like cut celery (almost no calories) and cut green peppers (same) but now I focus more on buying things like carrots (helps maintain eyesite) and banana slices (can’t grow them within 1000 miles of us). If buying these items, try to buy stuff you CANNOT grow in your area very well; for us thats most things since we live in a desert. I now grab brown sugar, cut strawberries, peas, and meats. Other things like pancake mix and farina we can buy in bulk and cheaper from our local grocery store, although they obviously dont last as long as vacuum-sealed cans. Just my two cents 🙂

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