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    I was looking for a custom knife maker, and discovered a one man show, in the Mid West. if your looking for a great knife, hand forged and practical, please look at this young mans work. These knives are works of art, hand forged, as stated, and very practical. I know of no where else a person can get a hand forged knife, made of 1095 steel.

    A new Curved blade ” fighter” arrived here last week. The quality and attention to detail is fantastic.

    This specific knife, is made in the way of the ancient Japanese samara swords, the metal is rolled together blended and forged. The two Indy knives I’ve got are by far the sharpest knifes in my kit.

    The 1095 does require a bit more care as it will rust, but a good coat of lite oil will go along ways.

    Please consider these knives, frankly I think you will be very pleased with this young mans work. Did I mention that each knife comes with a hand made sheath, and none of these blades are over 200.00,


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