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    I returned last week from helping with search and rescue in North Carolina.

    I started in New Bern then went to Kinson and ended up in Lumberton.

    I was working with America’s Cajun Navy (I am not a member with them, just who “adopted” me)

    I went there with no real plan, just wanted to help. I really met some amazing people along the way. There were LOTS of preppers in our group.

    I really seen the best of the best and if SHTF these are the ones who should survive.

    The lack of prep by so many there was unreal. Most just thought it was ok to just wait it out with no real means to help themselves.

    I have lots of “Official” training and the one thing I noticed at first was the lack of leadership within the volunteers. (ACN pulled the strays together). So, I got to thinking, Why not put together our own group of volunteer responders?

    I created Search Team 1 –

    I am looking for members who would be willing to volunteer from across the country.

    I want to set a team in every State and designate “Captains” to run each team who would work with me if I can’t respond personally.

    If you are interested, you can respond either here or through the website and leave your name and contact information along with a list of verifiable skills (EMT, SAR, FEMA, BLS, CPR, ect).

    You don’t need to have any training to volunteer but my Captain’s will be picked from the most qualified.

    I do not run background checks on volunteers but my Captains will need to submit their training credentials to me.

    I believe we can establish a good Search and Rescue team and build on those experiences to better plan for worse times in the future.

    Thank you



    Hi Joe & Welcome!

    I just went to your page and see that it states you are ‘Pennsylvania’ based. Are you from PA?

    I signed up for updates, but at my age, I don’t think signing up for a team would be a great idea. What exactly would team members be doing? I like the idea of knowing what’s available in my community and took some of the FEMA on-line classes, so I had a better understanding. I figure I would most likely be a leader in my immediate neighborhood because of the prep knowledge I’ve already got compared to the average zero-prep knowledge most of my neighbors most likely have.


    Thanks for responding,

    Yes I’m from PA. (S. Heidelberg -Reading Area).

    As far as signing up, I think everyone can play a role. It is my goal to offer not only diasater SAR but even assist in local search efforts for missing people. That could involve anything from boots on the ground to driving the roadways or even just helping calm the family.

    I have taken over 30 of the FEMA online classes as well as being a former fire dept. member and a PA trained Fire Police officer. I have help in dozens of search and rescue missions and after going to NC this time I feel I can do more and be more proactive.

    People tend to look at those of us who prep as kind of crazy and Ive been asked why do I do it and I always tell them its just in case. I also remind them prepping isnt just for end of days. It is practical and advised to be ready should natural disasters strike.

    Again thanks for your reply and trust me you can always be utilized when it comes to SAR!


    Signed up on your SAR site yesterday. Keep us posted


    Thank you

    Every set of eyes helps in SAR.

    The main thing is to be safe. We cant help others if we end up hurt or worse.

    In NC I seen so many go it alone trying to help others and that is noble but very dangerous.

    That is why I made Search Team 1, as a way to orginize people who then can assist the command agencies. There are time that we might be called to help as an independant unit and I believe we have enough strengh in experience to handle that call.

    Thank you to all who have registered and within the coming month I will start picking my Captains by making calls to those interested in being leaders and those who want to be part of the bigger picture.

    Please know there is no charge, fees or dues for volunteering. I in fact have some goodies going in the mail to my volunteers this month. I pay for these items out of my own pocket because its the right thing to do.

    My Captains will be sent a “Captains Kit” which I think will be a good motivating kit.

    Thank you


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