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    I want to put together a backup battery for my car radio. I have a new BTech UV25x4 to mount in my car. It uses a car lighter for power (at this time). I want to be able to use my radio remotely from my car. Does anybody have a simple solution that doesn’t weigh a ton? I’d like to keep this in a comms go bag in my car so the ability to recharge a battery would be nice. Ultimately I would like to add n option for solar charging too.

    At this point I’m either going to build one of those ammo box chargers I’ve seen on YouTube or buy one of the charger power pack 3in1 things from harbor Freight. Neither of which are small or lightweight. Seems like there are other solutions I’m missing.

    I’ll also need an antenna for remote Tx. Looking at a J-pole type that can be deployed. Suggestions?

    Thx still a newbie.

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