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    This feels like more than spidey sense. We’re overdue for a terrorist strike in this country. What could be better than hitting the mobs of people at these primary rallies? Thousands of people between the five candidates, it may be more difficult to get inside the venues, but outside will be almost impossible to cover. Tall buildings all around, close quarters, a crowded city, police that have taken hard hits to their morale over the past year and may not feel particularly motivated. The population that has no equal when it comes to rubber necking, so they will be slow to get out of the way. I believe there are terrorist cells in the city that have been there for awhile. It’s easy to blend in in a place that is accustomed to all sorts of people, normal to bizarre.

    The people who will be going to the rallies are running on strong emotion, many looking for somebody to pi$s them off. It’s a perfect opportunity.

    So, NYers, please humor me and do some extra prepping the next couple of weeks, and keep your family close.

    Crazy Bee

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