Bad year for the critters

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    There is not much for the critters to eat out there. My pecan trees had just a few nuts. My oaks had just a few acorns. Yep, it is bad. I put bird feed and corn out on the front yard. I throw peanuts out twice a day. I will take a hand full of peanuts out and start shaking them and the squirrels will start coming to me. They are hungry. There is nothing out there for them to eat.
    OMG, the pollen is bad this year. That might be a good sign for the critters. I had my truck washed the other day. I got up the next morning and it was yellow with pollen.
    We have all kinds of birds that stay here all year. They don’t migrate. The birds get most of the peanuts that I throw out. Some of the birds are Finches. They are not much bigger than the peanuts.
    It is starting to get hot down here. The bugs will be coming out so that will help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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