Ball’s New Electric Canner 7 Qts./8 Pts.

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    Last year Ball came out with a counter top electric canning gizmo that only fit 6 half pints (8oz), 4 pints (16oz), or 3 quarts (32oz) jars per batch – $300.

    Their newest invention is also a counter top electric model, has a spigot to drain water, much more simple design, and more importantly holds 7 quarts/8 pints – $149.95 (pre-order shipping 3/13/2015). Even though I generally can either with wood or propane outside on the patio in my big Amish canner I could see were this might be of interest for those of you who have glass top stoves.

    If anyone bites the bullet & orders one do post a review please.

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