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    This is something I’ve wondered about for decades, ever since I first read “Lucifer’s Hammer”. While everyone else focuses on food, water, and shelter, what do you pack for those times when you need to exchange something for food, water, or shelter. Here is a list of some of the things that I’ve either saved or plan to save.

    Chocolate. Both the regular-sized candy bars and the miniature packets. (Think of it as the difference between having a gold coin and a bunch of silver quarters.)
    Candy, non-chocolate. Stuff like Sugar Babies, Twizzlers, Bit ‘o’ Honey, and gum.
    Whiskey and high-end liqueurs. (You should also have stuff like cheap vodka, since that can be used as an antiseptic in an emergency.)
    Man’s aftershave and cologne.
    Woman’s perfume, scented oils, and bath salts.
    Cigarettes. (Wrap the package in saran wrap, then seal in foil. This will keep them dry and fresh.)
    Coffee. (Buy the large cans and a bunch of small zip-lock bags so you can divide the can into smaller units for trading.)

    What else should go on the list?

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