Beef Capicola (Dry Cure)

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    Beef Capicola (Dry Cure)

    5 pounds whole muscle beef (brisket, sirloin tip, round etc.)
    1 tsp. Prague #2 curing salt
    3 TBS Salt
    1 TBS powdered Dextrose
    1 TBS Garlic (chopped, minced or powdered)
    2 TBS Black pepper (coarse)
    1 tsp. Red pepper
    (add your favorite spices here)

    Cold smoker
    3”-4” diameter casings

    Cut meat into 1” thick steaks or strips.
    Mix cure salt, table salt, and sugar
    Rub salt mix on both sides of meat and stack meat neatly into glass or stainless steel container
    Hold meat in cooler at 35-40F for 7 days per inch of thickness.
    Rotate meat stacks at day 3, placing top meat on bottom, bottom meat on top

    After curing 7 days per inch of thickness minimum,
    remove meat from cooler
    Discard meat juices
    rinse meat with fresh water and drain

    Mix remaining spices
    Tumble or rub meat evenly in spice mixture
    Pack spiced meat into beef bungs or non-edible collagen cases
    Pack tightly, prick cases to remove trapped air.
    Place in smokehouse and dry casings at 90F with dampers wide open
    Close dampers to ΒΌ open and apply light smoke for 10- 15 hours not exceeding 90F
    Remove from smoker and place in dry room at 70-75F and 65-75% Humidity
    Hang in dry room for 20 days minimum

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