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    Honey has a lot of medicinal uses too. Recent studies have shown that giving someone with a cold a spoonful of dark honey (like buckwheat) works better than OTC cough syrup. And it tastes a LOT better!


    Hello all,

    The best time to start with your bee’s is early spring. I live in VA so we start in April and early May. The one story is bad about not having a smoker. Smoke calms the bee’s down. I would sugest taking a class. Several bee supply stores have videos with the kits. Start with them. Most will help you if you ask. It is fun, however, the one story sounds like a bad dream. I will be glad to help. I dont know it all by any means. I am still learning.


    Chuckd…we have been thinking about bees for a while. i have read up on everything that i can. i am planning to start some mason bees this spring…just to get the practice ya know? so i will have a ton of questions and glad that there is someone to turn to!


    for anyone interested in more bee discussion – go to this thread:



    Thriftymmm, if you don’t have a smoker handy, get a big cigar, light ‘er up, and start puffing!


    @RobinLG wrote:

    I was told that honey never goes bad it just crystallizes.

    Hey Herod stored his dead wife in it for 7 years… Now that’s some serious preservatives.

    Zombie Axe

    Welcome aboard 🙂 Another beekeeper here as well!

    Yeah a good bee suit will go a LONG way to keep you sting free!

    Luckily for me Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is about 2 hours from me, so I can save on shipping those hive bodies and supers! Also they bring up bees a couple of times in the spring that you pre-order. Good place for us NC beekeepers 🙂” onclick=”;return false


    Good to have you here, Chuck’d. We sure can use your beekeeping expertise!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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