Before everyone gets gone for this Christmas Season

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    In the chaos of the holiday season, the running to catch the plane, the bumper to bumper traffic on the road, the pushing and shoving for that last minute gift, the mounds of food and drink at parties to consume. The relentless onslaught of Christmas specials, movies and commercials.

    The world filled with people that think about themselves and how the world owes them first and everyone else maybe. Or worse they think giving during this one time of the year makes up for them being cold and indifferent the rest of the year.

    Ghost of the past, Thoughts of the future and being in the moment all collide at this time of year. Add the above and you have the perfect recipe and excuse that some use for crazy or bad behaviour. The so called Christmas crazies.

    Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Festivus, Yalda or even the Holy Day of plungers. So take a moment, take a deep breath to block out what the world wants you to think what this holiday is and remember what this holiday is suppose to be.

    Almost every culture past and present has a end of year festival to at its core celebrate the passing of another year, to renew the bonds of kinship and brotherhood with fellow travelers on this shinning blue marble in the universal darkness.

    Have a Merry and Safe Holiday Season

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