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    okie B

    After dealing with the water main break the other day and finding us without water for an unknown amount of time, I broke out some of our stored water for rinsing my toothbrush and for flushing the toilet, and we had plenty of bottled drinking water. But, of course, it got me thinking about the “what if?” I know I’ve seen a lot of people talk about their Berkey systems on here, so I’ve spent quite a while tonight reading up on them. It looks like most vendors online sell them for about the same price (with a few exceptions), and I have yet to see any criticism on the systems.

    Now I would like to get any personal opinions or advice from the proud Berkey owners here, if you guys don’t mind sharing. If there is any information that you think is important to consider in deciding which system to get, I would love to hear it. Thanking you all in advance…

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