Best Apocalypse Gun In The World

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    Photon Guy

    This video claims that the Taurus Raging Judge is the best apocalypse gun in the world. I don’t have any experience with Taurus or with the .454 Casull round. Looking for feedback on this video from anybody who does have experience with Taurus and/or the .454 Casull round. From what I understand Taurus is not a top quality brand like Ruger or Smith & Wesson so Im not sure if I should invest in this.



    Taurus is a good brand. 99.9% of the people who trash Taurus have never owned or shot one. The .454 Casull can chamber .45 Colt, etc. and they are both easier to find and cheaper to buy. Ruger has put out junk and so has S&W. In my experience (I am a gunsmith) Ruger customer service sucks. I will now here from hundreds who CLAIM Ruger service is second to none, maybe their experience is great, mine hasn’t been. Same with S&W. YMMV. If really worried about it, get a sub to GUN TESTS MAG and read what they have to say in the archives about just about any gun you can mention, with the sole exception of the one you are looking for of course!



    Being a hog hunter , takes time to find them . They get back in the swamps and they do not come out all that much. AR-15 at times is not enough for 1 shot one kills.
    When the Apocalypse hits and it will. Just have the ammo , a large supply of ammo . I have 2 Bushmasters and a MMR, both are very good. Have converted most of 12 gauge shot guns to slug guns. Rifled barrels with scopes. 100 yards it is flat , with the right ammo. For me my AR-15 will work just fine.
    Remember you will be fighting for your family.
    Hog Hunter



    I can guarantee that I will look at my safe, and the choice will be simple. I grab the AR, and the wife grabs the shotgun, and so it begins.



    I’ll take a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range.

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