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    I have spent countless hours researching the best places within the USA to move to as a permanent retreat location.
    What I have come up with is two locations. Both of those locations have a slight negative to them. And one of those locations I will not give out unless someone really wants to know and converse directly with me through private messages….though I will talk about the location.

    Keep in mind the following for why I choose the requirements I am about to mention. I spent the last 10 years living a mile down a dirt road off grid heating with only wood much of which I have harvested from the woods with my back. I currently own and live at my retreat and it makes for a good overall area except for a few problems and I’m wanting to get out of the harsh winters as I see winter as an issue in a collapse for many reasons.

    Requirements to be willing to uproot and move to a new location for the purpose of it being the BEST possible retreat location—

    Mild winters. Snow on ground must melt away regularly with temps generally in the 40’s or higher for the primary winter months.
    Mild summers.
    Very few natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, super volcanoes, floods.
    Higher elevation. Not because of poles flipping, but earthquakes could cause problems with flooding and also higher elevation would help with hot summers.
    Not anywhere near the coast.
    Must have good source of water preferably from natural springs.
    Low population. Good distance from large and medium size cities. And at least 1 hour drive from any city size of 50,000+
    Good overall mentality of the people / low crime.
    Two very important items- must be in a “mountainous farmy” area. In other words the people are farmers and they are also mountain folk. If you don’t know the reason for this then give it some deep consideration. All in all I would prefer to be amongst a people who generally are survivors and generally grow / raise their own food. Look up a map of “cattle per 100 acres” in the USA. Both places are generally near some of the red cattle areas, but not in them as the population is to large. Farmy area means you can reasonable expect that you can grow food and so can your neighbors. Also mountainous areas are generally easier to defend if there were to be a collapse and the people were to stick together.
    Must have good hunting and national forest areas around.
    Somewhere to go to work even if you need to commute for 1 hour each way.

    OK… so before I give you the answers, I will say that neither of these places are in the WEST!!! Yes, I said it. The wild west will not be the best. Although it is “best” for low population density and I’m not saying that you can’t survive there, just that there are more problems that out weigh the pros. Let me break it down. Desert areas like NM and AZ and NV are obviously problematic when it comes to water, growing food and cover and people. The redoubt is not a good place either! (ID, MT, OR, WY, UT) For one the cost is too high. Also the real problems with the “redoubt” are that the winters are harsh and the forest fire will NOT be able to be put out by the large crews that put them out currently after SHTF. My friend from has told me that the forest fires are his main fear and the Achilles heal of the redoubt….not to mention the yellowstone super volcano!!!
    Do I even need to mention the far west coast?
    Texas would be the #1 place and I would love to call it my home, but the cities are too big and the country to the south of it would probably infiltrate Texas after a large collapse…nope, Texas isn’t going to work. Texas is great, but summers are too hot.
    Nothing NORTH as the winters are too harsh.
    Starting to get kind of tight leaving not too much to go by.
    FL, AL, GA, MS are all to hot and muggy and crimey and have huge problems with most of the above rec’s. Their out!
    The food belt has bad tornadoes and gets cold harsh winters. AND lots a tornadoes…
    Nothing along the coast. Starting to get central here.
    Disclaimer–(i say this just to comfort you) You can survive in any of the places above. You can probably survive in Chicago or Detroit as well if you do it right. But who’d want to.

    So the one place that I’ve found that would be my second place is………THE OZARKS!
    They have farmy mountainous water, food, somewhat survival type people even though I’ve heard the people can suck and the crime is high.
    They have cows, and you can grow food there. Out of an earthquake zone to the western part of ozarks. Population generally low. Cost of living isn’t bad. Weather is better there than it is here in New England where I live, but the weather still seems to have weird spikes that I’m not sure about. Con- some tornadoes though not as bad as the food belt states. All in all I’ll give the Ozarks a B+ (note- the other place is an A- as nowhere gets an A+) Mostly rated that way cause it isn’t really “defensible” as an area as a whole if the people were to band together. They probably wouldn’t anyways. And the tornadoes and spikey weather.

    So the other place is somewhere within Appalachia. It is not “black mountain” for those of you thinking of the book one second after. Though that general vicinity might be my third choice if there weren’t so many people and it’s not really “farmy”. I don’t really want to tell you much about my #1 choice as I wouldn’t want to many people to move there, though it seems more of a ghost town… But here goes, I’ll try to give facts and be vague enough.
    1 hour in the mountains. Totally defensible.
    Whole county is a giant farm community.
    The whole area is a valley surrounded by national forest and mountains.
    The large towns outside the mountains heading away from this area are all farmy and filled with fields and cows.
    This place has most of its livestock as grass fed thus who needs animal feed with the best grass.
    People are all mountainy farmy people who mostly grow their own food and are generally republicans. And self reliant.
    There are natural springs all over the valley.
    No natural disasters.
    Mild winters.
    Very mild summers.
    There is one problem, but I think that the large city that is well enough away would bypass this area and keep moving along easier territory…thus not really a problem.
    For me the one con is that the mild winter mentioned above is not as mild as say Asheville, NC ect, but with all of the other things I think this place just might be the best place one could find. A true diamond in the rough.

    Now, since I have probably mentioned your location and you are once again going to doubt your redoubt or rethink your super prep safety strategy, :floppytongue: I must say that I don’t live at either of these two blessed places, but will be planning my move very soon. IF I were to find someone who would be super awesome with skills and preps and ability to financially move ect. that was like minded i would consider trying to move with someone, however I do not need someone to help me. Oh, back to my thought. SO now you are probably wanting to hang me…but I don’t care cause most of the time when I post here my weird writings are passed by and ignored. I’m not weird. In fact I p**p full time and am pretty much 100% where I want to be which is like a really ridicules feat of what would be normal amongst preppers. So go ahead and let em rip! :gunshooting:

    BUT, maybe you for some reason want to chat as you have been seeking a safe place but have many doubts and just don’t know what to do or where to go or how to go about it and it just seems hopeless… Well, that is where I would be willing to help and be a friend. Feel free to write and pick my brain if you are considering a move to somewhere unknown. I have litterally “moved” everywhere. At least in my thoughts over the years. Even many different countries. I was a running man for many years. I THINK I have found a place to call home and that can possibly quench my thirst!

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