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    I don’t think there is really a prepper Candidate, but maybe some are better for issues such as self-sufficiency, individual rights, limited government intrusion, 2nd amendment, small independent or organic farms. There have been some recent announcements of big business investments in the state, but the big corps which most of the politicians swoon over tend to push more control of the people, not independency and self-sufficency. So, if you have opinions of candidates who are better in this regard, post your picks.

    Primaries are 3 weeks away. I’m neither a Republican nor Democrat. I vote on issues and character and have to choose which primary to vote in based on who/what’ s on the menu. I often have to settle for one of the candidates who is on the ballot, except when I write in, which I do often. I mostly want all incumbents ousted this time. Leaning toward Haley for Gov. assuming I vote in that primary.

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