Big day today…MY 300th POST!!!…lol.(J/K)

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    I really wasn’t going to post but I just noticed it is my 300th since joining….lol…Whoopee, I know. :rofl:

    It is actually a big day for me in business and am committed and moving forward but would still be curious to hear opinions even if they’re “Post decision/commitment”….

    I have been chosen by my company as the only employee(out of 50 or so) to be featured in a commercial that we are filming with a celebrity spokesperson (I would say he’s a “A” celebrity in the sports world, “C” celebrity in general) where I’ll have a pretty significant speaking part endorsing our company and as an 8 year employee(since the start of the company) with probably the most 5 star reviews while never getting a complaint…(yes, I’m bragging a bit here, but I’ve worked very hard for this reputation in an industry that is FILLED with scam artist…lol…I don’t know of another single person in my industry that can say this but I’m sure they exist)

    I pulled out of filming originally as I really wasn’t comfortable with the exposure it would bring to me even though my business and income is potentially going to soar with this opportunity….The company owners aggressively kept asking me to reconsider even with my reservations.(leaving the company in the future, co-worker animosity, attaching my face to a product publically, etc..) My reputation is already established and I do get extra clients from this weekly from it already.

    So, long story short, most likely you guys will never see it, but a lot of people in the local markets will…. (CA, but currently expanding to other states as well)

    What do you all think the negative possible repercussions could be?…
    The positive will be the business influx and I figure with me being specifically featured along with the celib, that I’d probably be getting a direct 10-15% of new clients asking for me specifically by name.

    I think I’ve thought long and hard of possible negatives and addressed them for myself, but second opinions are always welcome for anything I’ve might have missed.
    (BTW…I should have mentioned in covering my ass after initially pulling out I negotiated the ability to pull my image from any future airings if after 6 months initial advertising campaign I don’t like the representation it brings me as part of the final decision to proceed…Think I’ve covered all my bases)

    Anyways…wish me luck, say a prayer, light an incense, whatever…..Thanks for any opinions in advance. :thumbup:


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