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    Home heating oil = diesel fuel. Besides storing just one tank which will heat my home for only a month or two in the winter, I’m looking into a way to prepare and store even more to have on hand in case of emergency or some SHTF situation stops the flow of petroleum products to the home heating market.

    I know how to make biodiesel using vegetable oil, lye, and methanol. It can also be done by simply mixing 60% vegetable oil and 40% kerosene (kerosene being just more refined diesel fuel.

    Before putting this into my furnace though, I’d really like info from anyone who’s done this before. Veggie oil will burn and I’ve made lamps and camping heaters using it with a rag wick.

    I wonder how this would work in a portable wick type kerosene heater? Biodiesel will work, but what about just the mix or plain vegetable oil?

    How would it work in an oil furnace? Same question.

    It seems that with all the used vegetable oil that is produced in the US that this would be a viable, economical way to access and store larger quantities of either diesel fuel or home heating oil to have on hand …just in case.

    Anybody know?


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