Birch Run Gun Show Jan 4-5

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    First off, I am not selling anything, or involved in selling anything!

    I have went to the last 2 MI Gun Shows; in Mason last week, and Birch Run today. I think the “assault rifle” shortage has been over for months, but if you need proof go to the gun show! They had TOO MANY! 😕 I am into lever guns and revolvers just because I dont think THEY will ever be illegal (and I know there is a reason the .223/5.56 is illegal to hunt deer in most states) and I had a hard time finding any real guns in the sea of AR-15’s and AK semi-auto actions! It was a great show though and you need to go if you arent busy tomorrow! Get some Nowicki’s Jalapeno sausages (brats)! They are good folks and make high quality sausage! If you are brave and have an Iron gut try the Habenero ones! 👿 I love them but they dont love me!

    I also didnt see ANY ammo shortage signs, even though prices are still a little high! Since the EPA has essentially made lead smelting illegal in the US; be prepared for prices to go up more. There are two choices for ammo manufacturers, copper bullets (or other non lead), or import your lead. Both equal higher prices.

    Rambling as usual, but get your butt out to the show! If you are close it isnt too late today!

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