Birch sap

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    A good product…
    Delicious and natural …
    You can find it only in the forest, and never – in the store …

    It is necessary to follow the rules of the workpiece ..
    Here, in Wikipedia misspelled

    We have to do this:
    1. Go into the forest at the end of March – early April
    2 Select birch, it must be “thick”

    3. Now collect the juice ..
    – Take 1-2 mm drill bit, drill a hole in the Andes stvoleyf at an altitude of not less than 1.5 m;
    – Drilling depth – not more than 1,5 cm;
    – Put the “trough” for draining birch juice in a jar;
    – Close the gauze to fly did not get …

    Wait for 1 day …

    You collect about 2-3 liters of juice.

    Then make sure to:
    4. The hole in the birch should be closed “bee with pitch” …
    It is a natural substance that bees produce

    Otherwise, birch die ..

    Take the birch sap from birch trees – it is normal for the tree!

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