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    I want to do a poll on bizzare weapons, so I’m taking suggestions and ideas for the weirdest weapons. Name your top 3.

    My top 3 weird weapons.
    1. Botulinum Toxin – Its botox. its poisonous, in fact its downright deadly. A lethal dose can fit on the head of the pin. Its just so weird to me that something so poisonous is injected into people’s bodies in the name of beauty. Because its both beauty and a beast, botulinum gets one of my top 3 votes. Want to hear something else frightening? There’s an illegal plant producing black market botox somewhere. Which means someone somewhere is growing a biological weapon. The believed location for this illicit factory is in Chechnya, but there’s no proof for sure.
    2. Victorian anti rape spike – Victorian women would place these spikes in their, aherm, you know, and then if someone tried to rape them, upon an attempt at penetration a spring would activate and cause severe damage to the attacker’s most sensitive male exclusive parts and preserving the virtue of innocent god fearing victorian women. However, the weapon was proved unreliable and both use and production fell off.
    3. Urumi – possibly the most unusual sword in existance, the Urumi is an ancient indian weapon that crosses a sword and a whip. It has a hilt and a guard like a normal sword, but the blade is razor thin and coiled. The user of an urumi carries a shield and is lightly armed so that they can dodge, because its weakness is it has no ability to block or parry attacks. You snap it forwards like a whip, and it strikes much like the bite of a cobra.

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