Black and Decker Storm Stations on sale

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    The Walmart on Airline in Prairieville has Black and Decker Storm Stations on sale. My girlfriend just bought one for $30.

    I saw these some time ago and thought…interesting, maybe some uses…but at $100 each I did not find it that interesting. They tried to pack too much in it for my tastes…AM/FM/Weather Alert radio, room light, and flashlight. What I am really interested in is the battery backup power source: one 12 volt outlet and an inverter that provides 120 volt AC at 25 watts. One of these days I will really have to learn the differences between watts and amps and volts and joules…I just want power. In past hurricanes and typhoons I used items like this to power lamps and fans and such, then took them to work with me to recharge from the ginny there.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with functionality report or appropriate review…the one that we got doesn’t work. I left it plugged in all day (supposed to recharge for 10 hours) and it didn’t take a charge at all. I promise, I even read the instruction manual. All the right lights came on…until I unplugged it and then the red ones started to blink. Will return tomorrow…yummy, the return line. At least it is not December 28.

    Anyways, possible deal, thought that I would pass on for those of you in the area

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