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    Lucifers Hammer. Im about 3/4’s of the way thru this book. Interesting read, Rocks from space, which is a certainty sometime in the future. Tulare Ca area up to the Central Sierra mountains.

    Older book but seems to be on point regarding human response after a critical incident.

    One point that frosts me is that a member of the “house of representitives” kinda takes over, and seems to think his title gives him the right to taking others property such as food livestock etc etc. ” For the greater good”.

    Im sorry but Ive got a huge problem with that. Like you all, we are doing our best to make sure we have enough to be self sufficient, I have no plans to give my prepping away unless I chose to do so.

    When I read this stuff which has been in a couple of books now ,My resolve to load and purchase more bullet’s grows. Once again the down side is living in a up scale housing development.

    Even the thought of developing a defensive fighting position here is overwhelming, in fact it’s a waste of time, 1 gas bomb and the entire neighborhood is gone along with our preps.

    Another thing that has caught my attention is that these guys have cordened off huge chunks of land which is fine if they own it. BUT they have shot and killed people who are on public land Or what was public land. Then they hang others for the same thing.

    Everytime I read on of these books my heart grows dark with what is coming, Not with we the people but those who THINK they will govern we the people after.

    Our plans seem to change weekly as to what our real priority are and what they should be. Were finding it’s a double edged sword for sure. One other note, in this book a boyscout troop was caught in the mountains when LA and everything went away. Im proud of these boys who were kids one day and men the next. They are who I would chose to hook up with if given a choice.

    The book is a good read for those interested.


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