boyers and knappers?

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    i was just curious on how many of you great folks are into traditional archery? the more primitive the better IMO. who has the knowledge and skill to walk out into the sticks with nothing but a few tools and come out with a weapon that could take big game. if anyone has any tips or tricks please post them. i have quite a bit but could always learn more. right now im combing the desert for the perfect peice of desert ironwood to season and make a couple bows out of. i know the indians made their points for their arrows out of it and read in books that the more dense the wood is the better it is, so… also looking for desert willow as well. both are abundant in yuma.
    so, post pics of bows, atlatls, arrows, darts, points, etc you have made and let me know how you did it-what methods you used.
    i have a set of books calleds traditional boyers bible 1 thru 4 and its full of great info…

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