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    Hello Preppers,

    As a male in his twenties, I am new to the world of prepping. I have started research and plan on creating a Bug Out Bag as my first prepping project. I generally have plenty of food and water in my condo, not a stock pile, but adequate for several days of complete isolation so it is not my primary concern. I would like to have a BOB in case I cannot stay at home.

    Most of the BOBs I have seen are Urban and not necessarily for cold weather and most of the rural preppers are geared towards sustainable farming and stuff. I believe that the biggest threats and scenarios in Vermont would involve cold weather trekking and rural/sub-urban camping.


    1) With Vermont temperatures ranging from over 100 to well below 0, and environments ranging from Burlington City (I live in South Burlington) to mountains and forest, how do you ensure you prepared the correct BOB?

    2) What’s in you BOB?

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