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    I just finished reading The Sleep of the Gods by James Sperl. If you see a copy for a buck or two, feel free to pick it up, otherwise I would not recommend it. Lame read, but I thought that it held a good idea that I might pass on.

    The beginning of the book (about the first 1/4 to 1/3) was fairly interesting. The book is about a world wide disaster and one woman trying to keep her family safe through it. Only, for the first 1/3 of the book, she doesn’t know what the disaster that she is dragging her kids away from is. Then she finds that it is an invasion of the pod people infected with tropical frog butt juice and the book just goes down hill from there.

    However, in the beginning the woman is bugging out of her house and I found it very interesting the few pages that were dedicated to her bug out (right up till the yacht). She had a fairly good plan, with prepacked bug out bags (duffel bags, not back packs that might have been more portable) for each family member. She also had folding cardboard boxes in the back of her closet. She pulled out and set up the boxes, and then started to fill them with all of the non-perishables from her pantry and kitchen. The bags and the boxes went into the back of her SUV, and they were off.

    I liked the idea of bug out boxes, they are cheap, store easy, and can hold a lot of things. I would never use them in place of a bug out bag, but to supplement it…

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