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    So one of my associates and I were looking into the ideal BOV. After the conversation I decided I needed to have one (I have five different bug out locations around the country). I researched different aspects, most preppers advocate the military surplus or large trucks (I already have a F-350 4X4), also the multi-fuel military trucks (I can definitely see the advantage of these). But after I looked into it extensively I decided to go with a small light duty truck that was modified. The reasoning behind a small truck verses a big multi-fuel one is simple, small trucks use less fuel. I can get 20mpg on my small truck where as my big F-350 gets 10mpg: More MPG= less fuel. In other words, If I convert the small truck right, I wont need other fuel because I will have enough. I also think that a small vehicle is more maneuverable so you can get around traffic snarls or road blocks. The specs that I was looking for are as follows:

    1. 4X4
    2. Carborated
    3. Older truck with no computers (or only one)
    4. Short wheel base
    5. Cheap (to keep the build under $3000)
    6. Fairly universal parts so it is easy to find replacements

    Once I found my truck I needed to do the modifications. I took off the bed to save weight, in place of the bed I welded a aluminum frame bed with expanded metal on it. I added a 50 gal fuel tank under the bed (gives me a 1240 mile range with the total of 62 gal which is in range of all my bug out locations). I added a folding swivel chair to the back of the bed for security and extra capacity. The truck already came lifted with a little wider tires. I also wanted to be able to haul a light trailer so I built one with a pintle hitch. I also built some armored doors for the ability to convert the truck into a patrol vehicle if we bug in or once we get to the bug out location. We also can use the vehicle for resupply. If you have any suggestions or ideas for your own BOV please share or PM me.

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