BUGGING OUT Locations-Where Should We Go?

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    My husband and I watched the latest episode of Doomsday Preppers last night and again, the subject of bugging out, came up. This has appeared very frequently on this forum and I’m curious about bugging out.

    Am I correct in assuming that those who intend to bug out have already chosen locations to bug out to or have property somewhere that is stocked and ready to go?

    Are these the majority of people or are there some who’ll just hit the road, or venture into the woods thinking that they can somehow survive anything coming down the pike?

    We don’t have a bug out location because we’re living here and after months of research years ago found that this is the best place we could be.

    Recently a friend told me she wanted a bug out bag for Christmas. When I asked where she was bugging out to she joked and told me “your house.” I laughed this away but didn’t pursue the subject with her.

    So….where is everyone going? Enlighten me.

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    Art Underground

    Fortunately I own my land and since I am way out in the county I do not see any reason why I cannott stay right here where I am. I am however prepared to bug out if I am forced to do so, and fortunately I am trained in survival tactics which will allow me to take the basic minimum in my bug out bag and disappear into the woods. I have the ability to find food and provide shelter for myself so if I must hit the ground running I at least have a better chance of surviving than most people. sadly I am one man alone which increases my risk factors but if I am lucky I may find other who I can team up with and increase our chances of survival and security.

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