BUGGING OUT-Have you practiced it?

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    I wrote an article this morning and posted it on my website about this topic but wanted to put it out to a larger audience.

    If bugging out is in your plans in regards to preparedness wether it is to avoid a local event such as a chemical spill or what you need to do to reach your BOL I have a question for you please.

    Have you done a full load out of your equipment and goods ahead of time to identify potential problems? I was with a large group out west for several years and we held an exercise in which every household had to do a full load out of their anticipated cargo amount. Everyone was asked to make it as real as possible by actually loading their intended transport load, no empty tubs simulating food or fuel, etc.

    Each household was also asked to write down: how long it took them to load out, what three things went right and what three things went wrong/could have been better.

    The results were pretty amazing, most were surprised at how long it actually took them to load up despite many of them having most goods pre-packed and ready to go. Others (myself included) had underestimated the amount of space required to move the amount of goods they felt they needed to move. Some of what went right was having a written checklist of what they planned to take and having some/most of their goods already packed.

    As for what went wrong/could have been better time to load was the number one issue. Another factor brought up was how much energy it took to pack and load.

    All in all it was a really good exercise and we all learned from it. So my question to you, have you practiced your Bug Out yet? Its worth your time and energy, believe me.

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