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    I am stuck in suburbia, unfortunately, in a neighborhood with an HOA. I know… kill me now. I was able to install some solar panels because the state of Texas passed a law in 2011 making it unlawful for an HOA to forbid solar panels (which they certainly tried). But I have always wanted a wind turbine, too, to keep a trickle of power charging up my battery bank overnight and on those cloudy days.

    Unfortunately, Texas has no such laws regarding wind power so the only way I can install a wind turbine is if it is out of sight of the nosy HOA nazis. So no 50 foot poles or roof mounted turbines for me.

    I have scoured the internet for commercially-available, small turbines and there are a few out there but they all seem to be junk. They get really bad reviews, make really dubious power claims, and most are Chinese companies without any reputation or dealer network. So I have been researching for many months building my own with the following parameters:

      blade length around 1 foot
      tower no taller than 8 feet
      relatively silent operation
      yaw capability
      cut in speed at less than 10mph winds

    I know I won’t be able to produce much power from something like this but I would honestly be happy with just 10 watts. I started the project last week and have produced a couple of videos thus far and threw them up on my youtube channel. I will be making the third and final installment next week. Let me know what you guys think.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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