Built two roll up J pole antennas yesterday

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    Was intending to re adjust my long wire..Loop antenna for HF bands yesterday but got sidetracked and wound up fabricating two roll up J pole antennas to replace the ones I had given away to new hams who had no external antennas and were using Walkie talkies in their apartments’/homes.

    It worked out to be a starter antenna to help them get out and receive better.

    I made my antennas out of 300 ohm twin lead…that olde type flat line television antenna wire and also sometimes you would see it as FM stereo wire.

    It is fed with RG 8 mini coaxial antenna wire.

    The first one I made as strictly a 2 meter J pole tuned in the 144-148 MHZ band and it tuned up well.

    I have been meaning to try a twin lead J pole for a dual band purpose ..2 meter and 70 CM…or what also called the 440 MHZ band.

    I followed the instructions on U Tube and it worked out well. It is only a few different but critical differences verses the 2 meter only antenna.

    Both antennas were able to get into local repeaters..from a height of only 8 feet above the ground.

    Here is a photo of the 2 meter only antenna. Going to have a go later on today in adjusting my long wire loop for the HF bands.

    And here is a photo of the same roll up antenna inserted into a PVC tube for more permanent outdoor set up.


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