Buried a brother yesterday.

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    My California department ” Modoc County Sheriffs Office ” had a young Deputy ambushed and murdered two weeks ago. I did not know the deputy, never the less I’m saddened by his loss.

    This young troop was still on field training ” shadow phase” and had responded to,an assault, off of CR 70. Outside of Altursa Ca, the NE corner of California, a very very remote place.

    He responded and my old friend and sheriff Mike Pointexter was rolling in to back him, about two to three minutes behind the young deputy, which is common on shadow phase.,

    This young deputy pulled up in front of the residence, and apparently immediately was engaged via gun fire. The young deputy was able to get a ” shots fired” radio broadcast before he was hit in the head, killing him almost on impact.

    The sheriff picked up his response and upon arrival exited his truck headed for his young troop, he was also immediately placed under a moderate rate of gun fire. He exchanged rounds, with his glock 40 and thought he saw the suspect flinch as if hit.

    Mike made a near impossible command choice. After reviewing his young deputies condition, and realizing there was nothing he could do, he re entered his rig and UN assed the area, calling for covering units. ,

    Those units arrived, rather quickly. The group then re entered the area, in force with over watch, and located the suspect in the pucker brush, wounded from a gunshot to the leg.

    A true testament to solid law enforcement here. He was not killed on the spot, he was taken into custody. This is how law enforcement is supposed to work, were fact finders not killers.

    Due to the smallness of Modoc Coumty Sheriffs Office, and the remote location of the county. The services were moved over to Yreka Ca, where the Siskiyou Coumty Sheriffs office is located.

    They stepped up,to the plate and handled much of the hosting and service preparations. They did a FANTASTIC job of managing such a monument ions event. The Young Deputy was also raised in Siskiyou Co, which for better or worse worked out.

    The services were yesterday. I had been contacted by an old friend, and the chief of Police in a small town called Tulelake and asked if I would assist by driving one of their units in the funeral procession. I reluctantly agreed.

    ” I’m done with law enforcement” I never anticipated ever driving in a marked unit ever again. Will,maybe in the back!.

    20/30 units from our area, convoyed the 120 miles to Yreka together, where we attended this sad sad event. As stated I did not know this young deputy, yet I’m An honorably retired deputy sheriff from the agency, and very close to MCSO sheriff Mike Pointdexter.

    I continue to be amazed at the amounts of LEOs from across this nation who come to pay their last respects for a fallen officer, or deputy in this case.

    The pomp and ceremony is gut wrenching. The slow coordinated honor guard movements are sharp crisp and heart felt from every person who attended these sad events.

    I was ok, until the bagpipes fired up. I’ve attended far to many of these and have never gotten. Thru the bag pipe version of ” o Danny Boy” I lost it, cried like a pussy. Sobbed.

    For a man who’s done, and wants nothing to do with enforcement ever again, I guess my spirt, my soul hasn’t forgotten the highs and the lows of ” the job”

    3000/4000 uniformed men and women lined the avenue for blocks as the hurst with the remains drove to the point of the parade. I was about twenty units back and after we left the fair grounds, was able to gain my composure UNTIL.

    We drove by hundreds of citizens holding flags and crying their eyes out, lining the streets and counry roads, each saying their sorry for this loss. And again I Lost It. The waves from old and young, the flowers the flags. Just made me so so proud to be an American citizen.

    I got it together again until we entered the home town of this young man, a town named Montigue Ca, where 100 fire trucks lined Main Street, fifty on each side, ladder trucks with their ladder towers extended with American Flags positioned down, we drove under those massive flags, while EMS and all fire personal paid, private, and volunteer fire fighters remained at attention saluting this young deputy.

    Again 100s of citizens lined the streets. ” I had no idea this many people lived in the town” and of course I lost it again.

    As we approached this you d deputies resting place, I noted that Mnt Shasta overlooks his resting spot. I thought what an awesome spot to be buried. I also noted swat team members in the trees and in strategic locations. I had observed multiple snipers set up around the fair grounds aswell.

    I recall thinking is this what we as a nation have become, that we can’t even bury our heros without threat of violence.

    I did not stay for the grave side memorial, I was out of tears, and my heart was aching. Physically aching for a young man, who gave his life for the greater good, and a nation so so conflicted.

    As I drove the 100 plus miles home, I reflected on many things. The loss of life, to protect the victim in the initial,assault. And the grave situation we are seeing here in my beloved country.

    That swat teams have to be positions to bury and honor our fallen heros.

    The outright hate I see in this world, and my own very critical position of law enforcement at times.

    I reflect on watching on video,a, man named LaVoy Finicum being murdered by my own State Police. And actually responding and attending his funeral in Kanab Utah,,to honor him and support his 1st amendment right to free speech. And to spit in the eye of a corrupt govt.

    I reflected on in my mind both this young deputy and Finicum both being American heros, for standing on their convictions, their moral ethical and lawful beliefs.

    And I realized sadly just how screwed up I am, how rudderless my ship is. I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs I love my country. Don’t condone crime, and I hate crooked cops, more then anything.

    This day was one of very very very deep reflection, soul searching, and a man desperately looking for a port before the coming storm.

    It was good for me to attend this young mans funeral yesterday. I cleaned my soul of tear drops, and hopefully with my gods strength I’ll find my true path again very soon, or die trying.

    God bless the sheepdogs and the sheep,they unselfishly protect from the wolve.

    Dirk Williams

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