But Where Do I Store My Preps?

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    wickedly awesome Darby – thanks a bunch for sharing that!!!


    I have bought racks that hang over the door to store boxed items. You can really put quite a bit in them.


    I 100% agree with ice. There is a lot of wasted space. People in small apartments feel like they can’t properly store preps. I live in a regular 3 bedroom house. Let me show you one thing I have done. Like ice said, the space under a bed is usually wasted. I have just a regular bed. I have 2 large plastic storage containers with wheels full of canned food under my bed. The lids are hinged and open up opposite of each other kind of like some of the tool boxes on trucks. I got 2 more containers half that size under there. Just Imagine how much stuff you could store under 2 or 3 beds. With a King size bed, you could store even more under it.

    The ones with wheels roll in and out easily. You can pull it out on one side of the bed and raise the lid up and then push it out of the other side and raise that lid up.


    You got to find what works for you. You want to find a method of storing your food that is safe in your conditions. You want to protect the food from critters like bugs, rats and mice. The critters are going to eat the food. Then they are going to poop in it. Then you got disease.
    Plastic will keep bugs out but rats and mice will chew through the plastic in a few minutes. Metal will keep the rats and mice out but sometimes the seal isn’t enough to keep the bugs out.
    I like to try to use what I have or what is readily available and is fairly cheap. After pondering on this for a while, I decided to use canning jars. I use mostly quarts. I got several boxes of quart jars on a shelf in the garage. A case of jars runs about $7.00 down here. That is 3 gallons of beans, pasta or rice. That is a lot of food. The canning jars are made out of tempered glass. You can heat them up or freeze them and it won’t hurt them. The glass will prevent the critters from getting to your food. The lids are made out of metal and make an excellent seal. Breakage might be a concern but sitting in a box on that shelf, I don’t see a problem there. The jars are not moving so they won’t break.
    Yall have all seen the plastic bags that you get at Walmart and the supermarket. I save those bags. Each jar that I put stored food in gets wrapped up in 2 of those bags before getting put in the box. The bags act like a shock absorber or cushion between the jars.
    I only store a few food items like this. Dry beans, rice and pasta are the main ones.
    Lots of good ideas!!!!!! Just find what works for you.


    Aggie had a nice post a while back over at Mississippi Preppers. Food storage in small spaces. http://www.mississippipreppersnetwork.com/2009/08/food-storage-in-small-spaces.html” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false Lots of links.


    Due to a daughter’s moving around at college, I got some of those plastic storage things, about 30″ tall with 3 drawers. I found those hold quite a few cans. Three of them against the wall in the spare bedroom will hold almost a month’s worth of food.


    I posted a separate post before I saw this one. We are in a small, 2 bedroom trailer (with 2 little ones!) and I’ve made it a personal mission to use the space we have wisely. My lastest “discovery” was putting 5 gallon buckets behind our sectional couch (which is against 2 walls, L shaped). This works great! Barely any space use, unnoticable, etc. I’d been searching for a place to store buckets and this works perfectly!


    I too am in a trailor, and since I have a victorian theme going I have been using hat boxes to store items as well. They decorate and hide extra sewing items, and some first aid supplies.


    Those buckets that kitty litter comes in makes great containers for gardening. I can not kneel in a regular garden due to knee surgeries, so container gardens are my only option. I have been saving the buckets for 2 years now and get a new one a couple of times a month.

    I love the idea of using them for food storage. I purchased 5 gallon mylar bags with 2000cc oxygen absorbers, so I can do that for bulk items or use my food saver to make smaller packages and store in the buckes.
    Why didn’t I thinkl of this sooner ?? LOL !! :thumbsup:


    If you want to go first class, buy an enclosed trailer. I bought one to pull behind my Colorado pick-up. It’s secure, consolidates my Bug-out supplies, and if necessary, we can sleep in it.

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