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    Ok… Here it goes… that controversial subject again. Canning butter.

    I am aware of all the warnings of how the government agencies and local extensions all say that you don’t do it. Everyone is worried about botulism. I have read pros and cons on it. In fact I started in this forum based on viewtopic.php?f=113&t=82 post found on google. At the end of it, it has a link to “Pressure Canning Butter” (Also on this forum) but it no longer exists and that post I did find was locked.

    SO that being said, is pressure canning SHOULD alleviate all of those concerns about botulism and other germs, however, how long should it be processed for and at what pressure?

    Has anyone pressure canned butter and if so what did it do to the taste and/or consistency of the butter? Will Pressure canning increase or decrease it’s shelf life?

    I am fairly new to canning and have had success in canning homemade zucchini relish, Chicken Noodle Soup, Tomatoes and Venison chili. But I am trying to expand my pantry and I don’t want to have to rely on the refrigerator. (I say that because one of those government warning sites indicated that it’s more expensive to try and can your butter when it’s readily available and suggests the alternative of powdered butter if needed and fresh is not available. I don’t want powdered butter if I can use real butter canned or otherwise)

    Any info is greatly appreciated. I apologize if this is a forbidden subject as it appears it has been discussed but deleted.

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