Can hackers bring down a city?

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    Do you think hackers already gave the power to bring down a city?

    How hackers could turn a ‘smart city’ into a house of cards



    I not only believe hackers,are not only able to shut down a entire city.but entire power grids as well.matter of fact.i wouldn’t be surprised if they already have access to power plants,at least on a small scale.



    While the article is tangential to the real problems, what it discusses illustrates real problems to a degree. Because “the powers that be” decided to put all of the infrastructure controls “on the Net” for their convenience, all of them are vulnerable to hacking.

    Sadly, this did not need to be so. They were warned by computer security experts in the mid 1990’s that they were building a house of cards, but their answer seemed to be that human behavior would get better if there were no boundaries and barriers.

    Now we have a world where every aspect of every infrastructure is vulnerable, and every “smart” device is a potential point of attack (and can spy on you).

    The answer is not to bother trying to fix the system the world has chosen to immerse itself in, since they don’t want to be fixed. The answer is that it is up to each individual, each family, and each Church to see the dangers that lie ahead, and take action to secure their families.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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