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    I was looking at getting a wood stove but the problem is that theres no place to put it where I could run up the chimney, I live in Michigan so heat is a serious issue and even if I just loose power for a day or two during the winter It is a serious problem, right now my shtf plan is to just use my fireplace and keep most living to the large downstairs living room that the fireplace is located in and seal off the stairs and other doors with heavy blankets. the problem with this is from my understanding most heat is loss going up the chimney from a fire and it burns to quickly, so I decided its time for me to get a wood stove I found one for a decent price and it will pay it self off anyway by keeping the heating bill down but like I said above theres no spot for it, could I just put the wood stove in my fireplace and let the smoke just go up the chimney like a normal fire

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    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but, the question of wood stove output is something I’m looking for. I currently use a wood stove for my primary heat source and I have a problem. If i use it the house gets to hot will in use. I know make a smaller fire. But the problem with it is that around 2:00 am the house cools down to 60 or less.

    The question I have is, has anyone any information about wrapping the stove with masonry to retain the heat and release over time. Is this possible or do I need to spend a ton of money buying a masonry stove? I was looking at them on line and they run upwards of $7000.00. 😯

    I was thinking about block filled with sand and covered with tile?



    The company (Unforgettable Fire) claims it is extremely efficient. can be used in RVs or boats, and can heat up to 1500 sf. There’s a larger version just coming out as well.

    There are also upcoming options to heat water, create electricity to charge batteries, as well as a bake oven.

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