Canning Advice Needed!

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    After viewing a prepper video on canning meatloaf, I got brave enough to try it last night. I used 80% lean ground beef (in case of a canning “fail”). I left 1.5 inches of “head space” in the jars for the boiling fat, and I processed them in the pressure canner for really more like 100 minutes instead of the 90.

    My new quart sized meatloaves now have about 2-2.5 inches of head space (I did expect some shrinkage). All the pop up lids are nicely “sucked in” and sealed, but there was a small amount of grease in the canner water, and I could detect a faint whiff of my meatloaf recipe. The jars had a little bit of grease on the outside. Are these OK? The video didn’t mention anything about grease in the water.

    Can someone please offer advice and guidance?

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