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    Wally World had quart canning jar cases on sale for $5 today, regularly $8.69. Not a bad deal, I never seem to see them on sale around here. I’m not sure if it would be the same at your local Walmart, but it might be worth a look see.

    Canning jars are definitely in our preps. We’ve got about an extra dozen cases over what we normally use. I would really like to get that number up quite a bit.

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    I often buy jars at garage sales. I take “advantage” of older folks who grew up doing without and can’t bear to throw a good jar away! You can often get boxes of usable jars for a dollar a box…a dime apiece…if you’re watchful. As people get poorer they will start to disappear, but keep watching.

    When you get ready to use the jars, inspect them carefully. Look for cracks, chips and obvious imperfections. I recommend only perfect REAL canning jars for pressure canning meat and green beans, but other types of jars work fine for water bath canning (tomatoes, fruit)


    Tractor Supply has all their canning supply’s on sale. The jars were reduced $3 a case. Around Atlanta that’s a deal. People around here don’t seem to can much anymore.

    The best everyday price I’ve found on jars is Big Lot’s $7 for quarts but they don’t carry the wide mouth that I use for canning meat.


    We went to wal-mart to pick up some canning supplies yesterday and I was taken aback…. Wal-Mart is now carrting their 😮 own brand of canning jars pacled in the white box with blue and black lettering… I now know why the price of the Mason jars went up 4.00 a case this year. Talk about price manipulation.
    I have bought many things from wally world that had broken down after the first use,products that had been used and returned, and we have bought electronics and small appliances that had been used, broken, returned and put back on the shelf to sell used and broken..
    I dont know if I can trust the quality of Wal-Mart brand canning jars…

    Has anyone else seen the wally world brand jars in the area? and would you trust them?


    Hi, Ace Hardware has pint jars for $5.50 this weekend sale, Sept. 2-5.

    No mention of quarts in the circular.


    I just bought quart canning jars at Big Lots in Lewisgurg PA for $8 per dozen. I don’t know if all stores have them so check your local Big Lots store.


    A business associate saw my newly purchased pressure canner and mentioned he had several boxes of jars he wanted to get rid of. Said he’d bring them by for me to look at and I could make him an off. 😯
    Well, he brought them and dropped them off in my office. 6 boxes of qts, pints, and jelly jars. I really wanted the quarts.
    Now my question, how much would you “offer” for them? (it’s not like he’s going to take them back, so I want to be fair)


    in the past we’ve done hot water bath canning of jams, mostly fig but not tons and things from our garden we froze, we are getting away from fridge and freezer storage as much as possible so we are about to get in to pressure canning in a big way, the shelves i have will take quarts 2 high and pints 3 high.

    is it ok to stack them like that , not just on each other but with a sheet of cardboard separating each level?


    I opened a jar of self-canned chicken meat for dinner (delicious!) and when the jar was empty, I filled it with soapy hot water and let it soak. The next morning, there were still many shreds of meat firmly stuck to the inside of the jar.

    Since this was a wide-mouth pint jar, no problem to clean out. But what do you folks use to clean something like this from a narrow (regular) neck quart jar?

    Just asking for future reference. Thanks!


    Canning jars used to come in reusable boxes, but not any more.

    Do you look for the appropriate-sized boxes and store them in them, or what?

    And I live in earthquake country. Any tips welcome.

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