Canning meats

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    Well night before last was my first when it comes to canning meat. I put up 14 jars. Mostly boneless chicken breast. About 4 jars was bacon. All the jars sealed.

    The bacon made me scratch my head. I took 3 packs of bacon. I put a pack and a half in the first two jars and a pack and a half in the second two jars. Two of the jars has more than twice as much bacon in it as does the other two jars. Go figure 😐

    I went by the Ball blue book. Except I went a little beyond it’s recommendations. It said 11 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes. I actually done it for 95 to 100 minutes and never let it get below 12 pounds of pressure. The reason is if you let it get below the recommended pressure then you have to start your timing all over again. I done some corn like that once and it look pretty ugly. Tasted alright just ugly.

    A good decoy to scare the FEMA camp walkers is to can turnip roots. One place I read said 90 minutes and the blue book said 45 minutes. You talking about something ugly and scarey looking! Put those in the front of your canned goods. When someone looks at them they won’t touch the rest of your stuff.

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