Canning the Whole Corn on the Cob

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    Channel surfing :wave: this morning on PBS when I came across the show “A Chef’s Life” which apparently deals with a woman who owns a fancy resturant down South. On this episode she was @ a county fair where she talked briefly with a 91 year old woman who gardens and cans. The camera panned out to show her jars displayed one of which was 3 whole cobs of corn caned in one jar 😮
    There no follow up then the narration went on to talk about her restaurant …

    So my question is … yeah you guessed it, is that safe ? Could it have been more of a pickled deal than pressure canned ? Does the corn kernels stay on the cob long enough to heat then plate ?
    Just thinking that whole corn on the cob would awesome on our Christmas feast table.

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