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    Hi guys. Ive first really found out about prepping a few months ago starting with Doomsday Preppers and started looking into more information. A lot of people think im a hit paranoid but i know the chances of a lot of emergencies being a former lifeguard and currently in the Military Police Corps. Right now im working on a medium sized car emergency kit. First, ill explain whats currently in it. In a medium sized bag i have a 4×6 blanket, a rescue mask (cpr), about 6 towels (multi purpose: such as traction for car, blood, etc), a knife, gloves (both winter and medical), 6 water bottles, about 10 ft of 550 cord, wisps (mouth hygiene), and pens. My location doesnt have much snow and i live in a suburban area, dont go outside of it much. So my questions now: hows the bag look so far considering my are? Would a small folding shovel be worth it? What would be a good bug out bag for the car that could fot a lot in it but now take up half my trunk (preferably straps such as a backpack)? I know some good websites for that type of gear such as uscav, ranger joes, and quartermaster. I really dont want to spend a fortune on the backpack. What would be a relatively cheap flashlight? Whats a food pepperspray? Thanks a lot guys.

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